Colored edition

Colored Edition

The surface of the ceramic pans is incredibly resistant, so you can even use the pan for flambéing or put it in the oven. In fact, ceramic is the hardest material in the world after diamond. Precisely for this reason, ceramic is extremely resistant against friction and scratches. It is easy and quick to clean. In addition, it has a robust heat-resistant handle so you can use the pan in the oven as well.


  • 20cm frying pan
  • 24cm frying pan with glass lid
  • 28cm frying pan with glass lid


  • Non-stick ceramic so that food doesn’t stick to the Ceramic Chef Pan Set
  • Allows cooking without fat
  • Uniform surface (the handle screws are not visible on the surface)
  • High-quality aluminium structure
  • Robust and convenient ergonomic handle
  • The heat-conducting base spreads the heat equally across the pan
  • The pan heats up faster and stores the heat for significantly longer than regular pans
  • Easy to clean / suitable for dishwashers
  • Suitable for all cookers
  • You can choose from 5 amazing colours!

RRP: 54’90€

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